Spa treatments
Polarity Massage

Used to relive tensions and stress, this is a gentle massage starting with the feet, continuing with the palms, and ending with a tender and relaxing massaging of the scalp and neck.

A 45-minute costs 260 NIS

Hot Stone Massage

This massage originates in Native American treatment methods. The massage incorporates the use of heated basalt rocks, which maintain their high temperature throughout the session. The localized heating effect of the rocks has a unique effect on both the body and soul. This effect is useful in accelerating blood circulation, draining poisons, and un-blocking energies.

A 75-minute long Massage costs 380 NIS

Aromatherapy Massage

A method based on the use of scented etheric oils, aromatherapy is treatment by scents. The etheric oils, based on highly fragrant plant essences, are used to heal and relax.

A 45-minute costs 260 NIS

Swedish Massage

The most common and well known type of massage, Swedish massaging is considered the basic method on which most massage therapy types are based. Using almond oil, the massage can be deep and invigorating or tender and caressing, according to your choice.

Done professionally, a Swedish Massage can create a feeling of relaxation, assist metabolism, and relive physical and mental tension.

A 45-minute costs 260 NIS

Ayurveda Massage *Recommended

A gentle Indian massage using warm sesame seed oil and warm towels. Includes a scalp massage as well as a full body massage. This traditional massage can be performed either by one masseuse, or by two for an intensified experience. The standard length of the massage is 75 minutes.

Price for single masseuse – 400 NIS
Price for 2 masseuses – 560 NIS


The feet are a mirror of our entire body. By focusing on the feet, reflexology balances the body, relaxes, pampers and improves the function of our systems.

A 45-minute costs 260 NIS

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle massage using almond oil and focusing on the shoulders, lower back and feet. It assists in reliving tensions and soothing strained muscles.

The massage is meant for pregnant women and can be performed starting from the 14th week of pregnancy.

A 45-minute costs 260 NIS

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep massage of the connecting tissues surrounding the muscles. This massage relieves chronic pain and muscle stiffness, and may assist in releasing mental repressions.

A 45-minute costs 260 NIS

Combined Massage

A treatment combining the various massage techniques in one session. This massage is great for those who want a taste of the various types of massages offered.
The Combined Massage can be gentle or vigorous according to your preference.

A 45-minute costs 260 NIS